The Future of Propane Software has ARRIVED!

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no capital expense, no installs, no licenses, no headaches

Propane Software should be easy to use AND accessible from anywhere!

Here's an idea!

Why not simply use a browser?

Are you frustrated with your current propane software?

Tired of paying for support that is not helpful?

Eliminate expense/trouble associated with installs, licensing, hosting and support?

Are your customers frustrated with the customer portal?

Love to switch to propane software without the large dollar expense?

Call FuelMor 530-290-1145 for a demo


Traditionally, office software has required hours of costly and difficult training. FuelMor propane software avoids cost and anxiety by using familiar browser features.


Accurate dispatching is an important function for high profits. FuelMor allows for delivery, dispatch and routing using the latest technologies.


Drivers easily complete deliveries using FuelMor driver app on the tablet or phone of their choice. The deliveries are reported back to the office in real-time.

More Revenue

Productivity gains in Office, Dispatch and Deliveries using FuelMor result in more gallons delivered resulting in increase in revenue.

Some of the many features of FuelMor propane software

  • Customer Management - Back Office
  • Customer Portal
  • Delivery creation and routing
  • Degree Day tracking
  • Routing Map
  • Julian Calendar
  • Invoice and Statement Batching
  • Payment Plan
  • Tank Rent Management
  • How-To Guide with steps and videos
  • Help Ticket System with support team rapid response.
  • Reports
  • Driver App
  • Real-Time delivery truck tracking

Our Story

Shasta Gas Propane launched their propane delivery business in 1997 and over the years used a variety of software including PSI, SSI, Rural Computer Consultants FDS, Rural Computer Consultants MOGO and Digital Dispatcher.

For many reasons these software solutions did not satisfy the need for an affordable, easy to access, easy to use solution that efficiently handled back office, dispatch, delivery, tech service and customer portal.

In answer to these needs, software development was launched in 2017 and in March 2020, FuelMor software replaced Rural Computer Consultants as the back office software and Digital Dispatcher as the dispatch/driver app software.


Following years of frustration with difficult to use and troubling software access, I am happy to share that FuelMor software has met our propane delivery needs.

When COVID-19 hit, our staff could easily work remotely using FuelMor propane software.

'User friendly' interface and the many efficiencies have been immediate gains for us.

The benefits of browser cloud based FuelMor propane software have been overwhelming for Shasta Gas Propane!

Chuck Kinnie President, Shasta Gas Propane

In The News

Visit us at booth #232 at Western Propane Trade Show & Convention August 11-13, 2021 in Reno, Nevada!

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